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Ethical Hacking and Penetration Tester Certification Training Course

Our most popular information hacking training course goes in-depth into the techniques used by malicious, black hat hackers with attention getting lectures and hands-on lab exercises.

While these hacking skills can be used for malicious purposes, this class teaches you how to use the same hacking techniques to perform a white-hat, ethical hack, on your organization. You leave with the ability to quantitatively assess and measure threats to information assets; and discover where your organization is most vulnerable to hacking in this network security training course.
The goal of this course is to help you master a repeatable, documentable penetration testing methodology that can be used in an ethical penetration testing or hacking situation. This ethical security training course has a significant Return on Investment, you walk out the door with hacking skills that are highly in demand, as two certifications, the Certified Ethical Hacker and the Certified Penetration Tester.



Dual Certification – Certified Ethical Hacker v8 and Certified Penetration Tester:

In any hands on hacking training course, it is important to have the opportunity to prove to current or potential employers that you have the skills you say you do. This course prepares you for the two top hacking certifications in the industry, the CEH and the CPT. Both exams are given on-site, we have achieved a 93% pass rate for these ethical hacker and penetration testing certifications. Learn more about the requirements for the Certified Ethical Hacker and the Certified Penetration Tester.


  • Firm understanding of the Windows Operating System
  • Exposure to the Linux Operating System or other Unix-based OS
  • Grasp of the TCP/IP protocols
  • Desire to learn about the hacking and network security profession, stay ethical, and get great security training!

Prepare for the CEH v8 certification while learning the latest ethical hacking techniques.

If you’re concerned about the integrity of your network’s infrastructure, you need the ethical hacking tools and techniques you will learn in Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v8 to enhance your network’s defenses. You’ll begin by learning how perimeter defenses work. Then, by scanning and attacking your own network (no real networks will be harmed), you’ll learn how intruders operate and the steps you can take to secure a system.

In the interactive, lab-filled environment of this ethical hacking course, you will gain in-depth knowledge and practical experience with current, essential security systems. You will explore common ethical hacking topics, such as intrusion detection, policy creation, social engineering, DDoS attacks, buffer overflows, and virus creation.

In addition to learning how to scan, test, hack, and secure a system, you’ll prepare for the latest Certified Ethical Hacker exam from EC-Council. An exam voucher is included with your course registration; however, the exam will not be administered in class to allow for maximum discussion opportunities and hands-on activities.

Highlights of CEH v8 include:

  • A DVD packed with the latest hacking and security tools and more than 1000 minutes of videos demonstrating hacking techniques
  • Diagrams of concepts and attacks for clarity and easier interpretation
  • Key industry-standard tools covered in detail
  • Exclusive section for countermeasures against different attacks
  • Time dedicated to penetration testing
  • Results-oriented, descriptive, and analytical lab manual

What’s Included:

  • 5 Days of Expert Security Training Instruction from a hacking instructor with real-world hacking experience and deep knowledge of course content.
  • Guaranteed access to Expert Instruction in an intimate learning setting not offered at any of our competitors.
  • InfoSec’s Custom Hacking Tools Enterprise Suite, includes every program covered in the course for at home study. (558 Tools).
  • Post-Class 8 Hour Graded Penetration Test Assessment
  • Core Impact SEL License
  • Boot camp style training — our instructors teach from 9 am to 9 pm every day. Course runs from 9 am to 5 pm daily with optional ethical capture the flag hacking exercises to 9 pm.
  • All meals, snacks and refreshments included.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Penetration Tester exam fees.

SBS’ 100% Satisfaction & Human Capital Guarantee

SBS is committed to you having the best possible training experience available. We offer students the opportunity to re-sit a Classroom-based or Live Online course tuition-free for up to one year or until the student obtains certification, whichever comes first.

Convenient On-Site Training

At SBS we offer the convenience of training at our location for classes of 10 or more students. Get CompTIA Security+, Ethical Hacker, Certification Training FAST on-site at Strategic Business Systems.

Contact us to request a group training event at your location.Groups of 8 or more, we’ll come to you! Please contact us for more details.


The most current, up-to-date Ethical Hacking training available anywhere

Black Hat hackers are always changing their tactics to get one step ahead of the good guys. SBS Training updates our course materials regularly to ensure that you learn about the most current threats to your organization’s networks and systems.


A Day in The Life of an Ethical Hacker


White Hat Hackers

CEHv8 & CPT Course Details

Day 1

Penetration Testing and Network Reconnaissance

  •  Security testing methodologies
  •  The Ethical Hacking Profession
  •  Passive Intelligence Gathering
  •  Network Sweeps
  •  Stealthily Network Recon
  •  Passive traffic identification
  •  Identifying system vulnerabilities
  • IPv6 Vulnerabilities
  • Abusing Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Abusing Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Day 2

 Remote Exploitation and Attacking Password Authentication

  •  Introduction to Remote Exploits
  •  Engineering remote exploits
  •  Running shell code in RAM vs. on disk
  •  Heap Buffer Overflows
  •  Compromising Windows 2008 Server Systems
  •  Compromising Unix and Linux Systems
  •  Attacking RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) in Windows 7, Server 2008
  •  Windows password weaknesses & Rainbow Tables
  •  Extracting cached passwords from the registry
  •  Unix password weaknesses
  •  Attacking Cisco’s IOS password weaknesses

Day 3

Extending Access and Deep Target Penetration

  •  Install a CA Hierarchy
  •  Enroll Certificates
  •  Secure Network Traffic by Using Certificates
  •  Renew Certificates
  •  Revoke Certificates
  •  Backup and Restore Certificates and Private Keys
  • Trojan genres
  • Windows, Unix and Linux Trojans
  • Kernel Mode Windows Rootkits
  • System Call Hijacking vs. Direct Kernel Object Modification
  • Kernel Mode Linux Rootkits
  • Covert communication channels
  • Spoofing endpoints of communication tunnels
  • Tunneling through IPSec VPNs by abusing ESP
  • Steganographic Tunnels
  • Remote command execution
  • Sniffing and hijacking SSL encrypted sessions
  • Installing sniffers on low privilege account in Windows 2003 Server
  • Stealthy Remote keylogger installation
  • Circumventing Antivirus

Day 4

Attacking Network Infrastructure, Wireless Attacks, and malicious evidence removal

  • Modifying syslog entries
  • Raw binary editing to prevent forensic investigations
  • Editing the Windows Event Log
  • Abusing Windows Named Pipes for Domain Impersonation
  • Impersonation of other Users- Hijacking kernel tokens
  • Disguising network connections
  • Attacking Cisco IOS
  • Attacking STP & BGP protocols
  • Wireless Insecurity
  • Breaking Wireless Security – WEP, WPA, WPA2
  • Blinding IDS & IPS
  • Attacking IDS & IPS
  • Review for CEH v7 and CPT Exam.
  • Take CPT Exam Part 1.

Review and Test Taking Skills

Day 5

Web Application Hacking

  • Abusing Web Applications
  • Attacking Java Applets
  • Breaking web app authentication
  • SQL Injection techniques
  • Modifying form data
  • Attacking session IDs
  • Cookie stealing
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks

The day finishes with the CEH examination given onsite at the training location.